Troost Be Told

My name is Todd but my last name isn’t Troost. I am not a poser or an impersonator as well. More »


Troost Be Told

My name is Todd but my last name isn’t Troost. I am not a poser or an impersonator as well. In fact if there is a person with the name Todd Troost

10 Reactions To The Question: Is Eminem Actually Gay?

Will the real Marshall Mathers please come out? A year ago, the Internet blew up after people started to see the opening segment of Sony’s The Interview. And why is that? Because,

10 Helpful Things To Know When You Encounter Bobcat Kittens

Despite being babies, bobcat kittens can inspire fear in humans in some cases. They may not be as huge as adult bobcats, which give kids a fright, but they surely have the

15 Hilarious Emoji Combinations

In this time and age, emoji combinations are good enough to send a message to anyone who has a mobile phone. Indeed, technology appears to overpower words we use to convey messages.

15 Types of Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed. They are Perfect for Dog Lovers with Allergies!

Having one or several dogs at home can be very therapeutic, relaxing and even chaotic, however you choose to view your dog’s behavior. We all know that one of the things that

You Won’t Believe These 10 Biggest Machines Invented For War. Wait Till You See #8, The Schwerer Gustav Gun

It is not every day that we see machines and weapons for warfare in person. In fact, we may have seen very few on museums and magazines. And they are not even

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A career in sports is one that is usually envied. This is because people who get the chance to make it in this industry are generally able to meet famous personalities and

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General Betting Tips

I will post my bets on twitter and hope to find you all some winners.  The Markets I tend to go for are BTTS, Overs, Asians lines with a few doubles thrown

Milford votes down casino proposal

MILFORD, Mass. (AP) — Milford town residents have overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to build a $1 billion casino, further trimming the field of potential candidates for the state’s first regional resort casino