Troost Be Told

My name is Todd but my last name isn’t Troost. I am not a poser or an impersonator as well. In fact if there is a person with the name Todd Troost then I apologize for this. I chose the pen name Todd Troost because of my childhood story. I was not very eloquent when I was little. Maybe it was because I grew up in a home with dual language. English and Filipino. My dad being an American and my mom being a Filipino. I remember I often get confused with words or languages to use when I was growing up. In short, I had an s and th deficiency.

One day, I was accused of being part of a school riot. You know, one of those days when you were just in a wrong place at a wrong time? I was asked by our guidance counselor to tell only the truth – nothing more, nothing less. I shouted back at our counselor saying – “I am telling you the troost!”.

This will be one of the very honest and troostful site you will ever find online.