General Betting Tips

I will post my bets on twitter and hope to find you all some winners.  The Markets I tend to go for are BTTS, Overs, Asians lines with a few doubles thrown in.

Here are a few General Betting Tips that will help anyone who is serious about building a betting pot and achieving long term profit.

General Tips

  1. Stick to Singles, Doubles and at the most Trebles! Accas are great fun and you will see the odd massive winner posted on facebook or twitter etc…but ask yourself…how many losing accas is there compared to winning…100’s. Also remember this…Recently you have seen the all this “Acca Insurance” Nonsense that various bookies are offering…why do you think they are encouraging customer to place big accas? Because they know by in large most will lose.
  2. Bookies Offers…it never annoys me more than when Im watching a game, the ads come on with Big Ray giving some stupid in play tip about so and so to score next at 12/1! Why do you think bookies do this? Because they are your mate and they want you to win money? No! of course not…avoid them at all costs!
  3. Accept that you will not always win. One of the most common things I see and Ive done it many a time in the past is you have a shite day, lose your bets and try and win it back. Don’t. honestly, just log out the betting website and put on a film and forget it, there is always another day, you will not win all the time. I lost count of the times where I had that anger where I feel I need to win my money back, looked at the fixtures at stupid o’clock at night, find some random game in Costa Rica or something and think if I just stick a tenner on that I would have broke even. Fair enough you may get lucky that once and win but more often than not you wont, believe me!
  4. Be disciplined! Its Saturday, there are loads of games and its so easy to get carried away putting on multiple bets and losing your hard earned cash. Stick to a few bets you really fancy, think outside the box – Just because every man and his dog are on a certain team or particular bet doesn’t mean it will come in.
  5. In-Play – Many a time I really fancy a Over 2.5 for instance but the best odds I can get is say 1.66, so two options here, one find a “dead cert” to double it up with to get the required odds (I look to get around evens per bet) this is something I wouldn’t really recommend because you know the “dead cert” will let you down!  I prefer to wait inplay, prey there isn’t a goal for the first ten minutes then take the better price. The price on Overs/Btts can rise quite abit within the first few minutes of a game. Eg 1.66 will rise to around 1.83/1.90 after ten minutes or so.
  6. Don’t always look at the stats, apply logic and knowledge to your bets. Soccerway and Futbol24 are great websites for checking form and stats etc but as we all know football isn’t all about stats and applying the knowledge you have about a particular team or player can be better than any stat out there.
  7. Look around the web for previews on the games you wish to bet on. If you’re looking to bet on a game where your knowledge is limited either avoid or have a look on the web for a preview.  Often I have found a price on a game and! that’s too long Im having some of that. Then that team goes on to lose! Shock. Then I find out the team I have just bet on had 5 players out injured or something. Do your research there are loads of sites out there that give previews on games. BEFORE you place the bet do some digging….it may save you a few quid or even better alert you to some vital piece of info you didn’t know!
  8. Similar to the above and somewhat obvious thing to point out but look around at price, I have multiple accounts and sometimes am surprised at the difference in price between bookies for the same bet. Its worth taking a few minutes to compare.
  9. Don’t get carried away. Betting is emotional. When you lose it can make you feel shite when you win you can feel irresistible! If you have had a good day, your bets have come in and all in the world is good. Stop, withdraw your winnings and move on till the next day. I had excellent days, I feel that whatever I bet on is coming off and then I get too carried away and blow all the profit I have made. Just remember there is always a shit day around the corner so accept your winnings and move on. Always bet with a level head and never bet when your in a bad frame of mind or too excited (or pissed)
  10. Do not feel that you have to bet everyday! Sometimes there will be an evening with loads of games going on, you have a look around and nothing particular excites you or jumps outs.  If this is the case, do not place a bet.  Don’t go out your way to try to find a bet that doesn’t exist!